Wheel Aligners

Automaster VH5 Aligner

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8 CCD Cameras with Blue Tooth Wireless sensor heads,

CCD cameras and inclinometers made in Japan

Remote key pad on each sensor head

Live LED adjustment indicators on each head


  • Special Spoiler Program to perform measurements on cars with low body kits
  • Dynamic data bank in function of car chassis height: this data bank automatically modifies the alignment specifications based on chassis height measurement.
  • Continuous self-calibration to maintain accuracy - Latest updated vehicle data base from Auto data
  • Wireless and re chargeable sensors for easy service - CCD technology with 8 enclosed measurement cameras
  • Cordless communication with interference proof data transfer
  • Alignment parameters including Toe, Camber, Caster, SAI, Setback, Thrust angle, Wheelbase difference etc.
  • Windows XP operating system with graphical user interface


Turn Tablesx 2
Steering wheel holderx1
Brake pedal depressorx1
Colour printerx1
LCD Monitor19"
Quick Clampsx 4
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